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I'm Mohsen Shahinpour

Senior Manager of Marketing and Branding

Researcher, Academic & professional books author and translator in the field of psychology and online consumer behavior and social media, Expert in Business Plan and Marketing Plan.

Mohsen Shahinpour

Researcher, Academic & professional books author and translator in the field of psychology and online consumer behavior and social media, Expert in Business Plan and Marketing Plan.

  • Birthdate : 1979
  • Phone : +98 9122168774
  • Email : M_Sh_Mobtaker@yahoo.com
  • Website : mohsenshahinpour.com
  • Adresse : Tehran, Iran

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More about my past
The 5th Public Relations and International Affairs:
Certificate Tehran 3-4 Nov 2008
International Certificate UK University Lecturer 6-7 July 2008
Customer Management , Dr. Bill Docherty.
Strategic Management
International Certificate Tehran University 9-10 Nov 2008
Certificate - 9-11 July 2008
Creative Ads Modern Techniques and Advertising Engineering
Professional Management Training in Advertising and Public Relations
Certificate Tehran University 1 January 2008
Professional Skills Training in the field of Public Relations and Media
Advertising and Sales:
Certificate Tehran Management Faculty 5 January 2011

my Skills

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Market Research

Negotiation Techniques

Reengineering Management

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Work Experience

More about my works
Expert and Scholar Iran IRIB
Presence in different national TV channels as an expert and marketing and virtual space researcher(Channels 2, 4, Jam e Jam, Amouzesh, News)The Islamic Republic TV of Iran
As an expert and host in electronic business program in economy national radio of Iran
Expert and Scholar Iran IRIB
Workshop Australia
Holding a workshop for one month in Sydney for an international consortium in the field of: "Marketing Management, Online Marketing Strategy, Social Media Advertising and e Business".
"Online Business and Branding" lecturer (Information Technology and Digital Media Development center of culture and Islamic Guidance ministry)
lecturer Saramad
Marketing Manager Iran Hosco
Marketing manager of an international medical equipment company.
As a Director in charge and surrogate at advertising institute
Manager and Deputy MobtakeranTablighHonar
Member IGDS
Iranian Graphic Designers Society
Iran Advertising Society
Member IDS 1999 - Present
Member IPVA
The official member of "Institute for Promotion of Visual Art"(dependent on Ministry of Culture and Islamic Guidance)
The official member of "Iran Public Relation Broker"
Member IPRB
Activist Islamic Propagation Org
The artistic, advertising and cultural active at "The Islamic Propagation Organization" for 5 years
Publisher of different articles in Iran valid magazines in the field of marketing and advertising specially psychology of marketing
Article publisher - -



My latest Books
The psychology of advertising

The psychology of advertising

Authors: Bob. M. Fennis, Wolfgang Stroebe.
Translators: Mohsen Shahinpour, Somayyeh Avalli.
Introduction: Professor Mohammad Araabi.

Online consumer behavior

Online consumer behavior

Theory and reasearch in social media, advertising and e-taill
Translators: Mohsen Shahinpour, Somayyeh Avalli.
Author: Professor Angeline Close.

A Dictionary of Marketing


A Dictionary of Marketing
Author: Charles Doyle
Translators: Mohsen Shahinpour, Somayyeh Avvali

Brands and brand Management

Brands and brand Management

contemporary research perspectives
Translators: Mohsen Shahinpour, Somayyeh Avalli.
Authors: Professor Barbara loken, Professor Rohini Aluwalia- Professor Michael Houston.

The importance of publishing these kinds of books

Customers now are increasingly smarter, have better awareness, getting more protection and have and much more range of choice. Having wider choice and more information, has increased expertise and purchasing power of consumers. There are more competitors, more different tastes and preferences; they are better able to take advantage of an over delivery period, to hold down prices. This new power will enable customers to negotiate better in a wide range of manufacturers. Also the ways of purchase of goods and services in customers is changing. Now there is a question: what should we do?

Considering the psychological behavior of customers can be the best strategy to attract, loyalty and retention of the customers. Marketing and consumer psychology book collection is based on the aim of providing a link between theory, research and practical action and a clear understanding of them that learning of it is valuable for academics and practitioners in this field.

These books can be characterized by innovation, being up-to-date and applicable and simple and understandable transfer of contents to all, which is why welcomed by the experts, researchers, professors, businessmen, managers of companies and practitioners.

Regards, Mohsen Shahinpour

Ali Akbar Jalali

Professor Ali Akbar Jalali

Professor, Iran University of Science and Technology. Graduated of America. Associate Professor ( The father of IT in Iran)

“I appreciate Mr.Mohsen Shahinpour and Ms. Somayyeh Avalli, who have made an effort to translate the book “online consumer behavior” written by Professor Angeline Close, from University of Texas. Our country is far from developed countries in terms of culture and education in the field of e-marketing. These kinds of books can be grounds for a national commitment to the development of e-marketing and more generally e-commerce.”

Seyyed Mohammad Araabi

Professor Seyyed Mohammad Araabi

Sama Management Institute/ Graduated of America / Professor of Allameh Tabatabai University

“I appreciate Mr. Mohsen shahinpour and Ms. Somayyeh Avalli for doubled efforts they had to prepare accurate and fluent translation of this valuable work (psychology of advertising). I hope researchers, teachers, managers, counselors, and students can take advantage of this valuable book.”

Tahmoresh Hasanqolipour

Doctor Tahmoresh Hasanqolipour

Ph.D In marketing, Tarbiat Modares University/ Associate Professor

When universities and research centers have realized the importance of optimal use of advertising as a system, and there are efforts to promote this area as a field of training, it is very useful to have books with basic approach to the field of advertising; so translation of “advertising psychology” by Mr. Mohsen Shahinpour and Somayeh Avvali is very useful.

Zohre Dehdashti Shahrokh

Doctor Zohre Dehdashti Shahrokh

PhD. in Marketing of Allameh Tabatabai University / Associate Professor

“This book has reviewed the impact of advertising from the perspective of psychology of consumer and social psychology studies and offers in-depth analysis of the psychology of advertising. The book has been translated so fluently and is based on psychological processes. In this book, different researchers' findings with regard to the theoretical studies are presented.”

Shahnaz Hashemi

Doctor Shahnaz Hashemi

PhD. in communication sciences / Assistant Professor

“Advertising in order to change the attitude and behavior of the audience is important in communication science. Since the audience are very broad and diverse and have choice and freedom, impact on them is very complicated. But this book by scientific study concluded that how can affect the audience. Now I’m glad that “psychology of advertising” can be used as textbooks for students of advertising, marketing and public relations. The book whose gap in university resources was clearly seen.”

Mir Ahmad Amirshahi

Doctor Mir Ahmad Amirshahi

Professor of branding in Iran

“I appreciate the young, lovely couple (Mohsen Shahinpour and Somayyeh Avalli) who have tried hard to translate “brands and brand management” and congratulate them to choose this book. This translation is simple, understandable and also scientific. They have tried to keep originality of concepts.”



Letter of appreciation and rewards
Applied Science Uni
MEFF consortium
The 5th International Conference on Public Relations
Iran 30-31 Oct 2011
The 7th International Conference on Public Relations
Islamic Propagation Org